Our Rights in Social Media – Or the Impact of Facebook & Co for Democratic Discourse Introducing our New Fellows: Welcome Cohort 2023! Democratic Public Discourse and Getting Six Hours of Sleep – an Interview with Dr. Judit Bayer Neuroscience, Emotions, Work Life Balance: An Interview With Psychologist Dr. Nieves Fuentes-Sánchez

Text and Concept: Dr Judit Bayer / Editing: Dr Astrid Burgbacher, Alison Seiler / Illustrations: Dr Judit Bayer

Social media platforms have appeared only relatively recently in the history of public communication, around 2004. Prior to platforms, publishing on the internet was possible only for tech-savvy people, or only in smaller circles (in private bulletin boards). The convenience of easy publication and sharing made platforms rapidly a beloved application all over the world. Their technology allows all people around the globe to express themselves so that potentially the entire world can hear them.