March 2021


Last week, our Fellow Leyre was approached by the team of WWU’s “Ask Sophie!” who needed help answering a question about the best possible use of sunlight – for instance in the fight against global warming: On the website “Ask Sophie”, interested citizens can ask questions about scientific topics. ‘Sophie’ tries to answer these questions with the help of scientists at the WWU. We are happy that WiRe Fellow Leyre was able to give an insight on how chemists may help fight the climate change by developing photocatalytic materials that use sunlight to improve a variety of industrial and non-industrial processes. Have a look at Leyre’s insight:

In this year’s round of the WIRE Research@Home Fellowship we digitally welcome nine all new amazing scientists from all over Europe. We’ll get a glimpse into the research of Julietta and her take on Migration and Religion in Ancient Greece. Yamina will introduce us to the realm of Energy and Climate Policies. Debdatta is going to show us the world’s thinnest optics she is currently doing research on – in her field of Nanophotonics.
Are you curious about how smartphones can help investigating the well-being of couples? Stay tuned for Rui’s psychological research on smartphone-based experience sampling. If you’re a book worm and into Artists’s Book Fairs, Louisa’s research will definitely grab your attention. Julija dives into post- and transhumanistic movements from a theological point of view.
Anna contributes to answering the question of how to make the nitrogen fertilization more sustainable in her research of plant physiology. Kate studies the religion and the economy of slavery in colonial Jamaica. Mariagiulia investigates the matter of externalization of borders and the right to leave: what is the responsibility for African states from a judicial point of view. More soon!

Today, it is quite normal for women to study at universities, get PhDs, do Postdocs and become professors. But that was not always the case – to mark this week’s International Women’s Day, we want to celebrate the contribution of women at the University of Münster, tracing the milestones it took for young women like our WiRe Fellows to be able to do research on an equal footing with men. 

Sometimes even the most devoted and enthusiastic scientist won’t cope with merely pacing up and down the lab, the library or the living room, slash, home office, slash, playground.
Usually, our WIRE fellows would’ve had the change for a first-hand snow-woman team building event during those lovely snowy days in Münster. As you know, due to Covid-19, we are all still spread around living rooms in Europe, convening in virtual conference rooms instead of conducting research locally in Münster.
Have you ever tried to start a snow ball fight in a virtual talk? (Don’t, btw!) Although we can’t substitute the real deal, you may get a glimpse what else the University of Münster has to offer – namely the City itself, actually…

Intrigued? We’ll take you on a tour, hop on!