April 2021


Blooming daffodils, chirping birds and rising temperatures – Winter is over, Spring is here!

Who doesn’t love the first warm and sunny days of the year? When you cross the threshold in the morning expecting it to be cold outside but then you’re breathing the fresh but gently warm spring air.
In Spring, Münster appears in a completely new light. Once the city rouses from its hibernation, there are colorful spring flowers all around and trees are slowly turning green with the growth of new leaves. It’s also the season with the least rain which encourages people to head out into nature and evokes the feeling of spring at the end of a long winter.

“In the series “33 questions” we introduce, in no particular order, our WiRe Fellows who are currently working on a research project here at the University of Münster. Why 33? Well, if we think of the rush hour of life, it is kind of the age that lies in its middle. And we also like the number😉.

In our today’s episode we speak to Dr Kornélia Baghy, molecular biologist and expert in the field of cancer research.

… and Sophie needs more help! Last week we’ve learned that our Fellow Leyre was able to explain to ‘Sophie’ how the use of sunlight within photocatalyst processes may help against global warming. The ‘Ask Sophie’ team receives lots of exciting questions on science topics every day. Now a new question came up and another WiRe Fellow was able to help answer it: in this week’s post, we share Carla’s insight regarding the question: How do we know what’s inside the earth?

Sophie with her Owl from the “Frag Sophie” project came up with a question about the mysterious interior of our planet

Have a look at Carla’s answer: