|Exploring Münster with our Fellows|


The arrival of Winter in Germany, signalled by cold rain and short days, luckily also coincides with one of the most ‘golden’ times of the year – the Advent season! Found in many large cities across Europe, Christmas Markets, which began in Germany, have become a staple of the Advent season: known for hot drinks, handmade crafts, and glittering, glowing lights, these markets are a beloved and traditional seasonal highlight, brightening the days leading up to Christmas in more than just the literal sense.

It’s our very favourite time to get outside and enjoy Münster. Quick, while the sun is still shining!

In Münster, Summer is the season with the most rainfall all year around. But don’t worry – despite Münster’s perception as a rain-laden city, Summer is also the season with the highest average of daily sunhours. So enough time to get outside and enjoy the city!

Blooming daffodils, chirping birds and rising temperatures – Winter is over, Spring is here!

Who doesn’t love the first warm and sunny days of the year? When you cross the threshold in the morning expecting it to be cold outside but then you’re breathing the fresh but gently warm spring air.
In Spring, Münster appears in a completely new light. Once the city rouses from its hibernation, there are colorful spring flowers all around and trees are slowly turning green with the growth of new leaves. It’s also the season with the least rain which encourages people to head out into nature and evokes the feeling of spring at the end of a long winter.

Sometimes even the most devoted and enthusiastic scientist won’t cope with merely pacing up and down the lab, the library or the living room, slash, home office, slash, playground.
Usually, our WIRE fellows would’ve had the change for a first-hand snow-woman team building event during those lovely snowy days in Münster. As you know, due to Covid-19, we are all still spread around living rooms in Europe, convening in virtual conference rooms instead of conducting research locally in Münster.
Have you ever tried to start a snow ball fight in a virtual talk? (Don’t, btw!) Although we can’t substitute the real deal, you may get a glimpse what else the University of Münster has to offer – namely the City itself, actually…

Intrigued? We’ll take you on a tour, hop on!

We are back from our Christmas break and start the year with an excursion: In our feature “Exploring Münster with our Fellows”, we take you to unusual, bizarre, beautiful and unique places and institutions in Münster that have something to do with the research of our Fellows. Since Giulia’s research field is church history and the role of Catholic women in historiography, we thought: a visit to the (first female!) tower keeper of Münster (“Türmerin von Münster”) is exactly the right thing. The tower keeper of Münster? Huh? Yes, Münster still has a tower keeper!